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Vertical Straight-line rough drawing machines
Wire drawing machines
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The drawing of the welding wire includes rough wire drawing and fine wire drawing.
Rough wire drawing process is to draw the 5.5 welding wire material processed through the wire rod pre-treatment into φ2.45 wire. The 560-series wire drawing machine is used; Fine wire drawing is to draw the φ2.45 wire to various types of welding wire(φ1.6,φ1.2,φ1.0,φ0.9,φ0.8). The 400-series wire drawing machine is used.
Currently the commonly used wire drawing machines in the market are pulley wire-drawing machines and straight-line drawing machines. Straight-line drawing machines include horizontal straight-line drawing machines and vertical straight-line drawing machine.
Both the vertical and horizontal straight-in wire drawing machines adopt PLC data processing and the inverter applies 485 communication, which makes the host of wire drawing bench respond quickly and ensures the wire drawing steady in high speed. Meanwhile , both realize skips of any capstan in the process of wire feed, any capstan can be operated in combination. The appliance of touch screen as the operating panel of drawing parameters input and operation data display can monitor the drawing parameters and operation data of the equipment instantly. The cascading design matched with the speed ensures the stability of the operation . The process has functions of automatic computing of the compression ratio, weight automatically stop, wire broken prevention, security protection, operation and maintenance helps. The preparation lines can be operated simultaneously to start and stop. The operating buttons, the foot switch and the separated operation panel is equipped at each block. The operation is simple and convenient.
The capstans are coated with tungsten carbide, the surface is brightly finished, which is rigid and wear without damaging the surface of the welding wires. The water cooling system can cool the capstan, spindles and bearings simultaneously. This raises the life spans of the bearings, but also ensures the cooling effect when the water is cut-off in short time. The whole machine realizes the advanced intelligent control with the leading level in industries and is applied to drawing various types of wires.
Vertical straight-line rough drawing machines
Vertical straight-line rough drawing machine 560/9
Vertical straight-line rought drawing machines 560/5(rotating die box can be used)
Vertical straight-line rought drawing machines 560/6
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